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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  May 31, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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well, take a wild guess who takes a checkered flag in dover today? yes, you guessed it, jimmy johnson, again the nascar driver, a monster on the monster mile. won more races down there then anyone ever. johnson is on cruise control there are a few problems. concrete mile needs dell dot karl edward has a pit crew guy that may need a band-aid or two. edwards starts to drive with the wrench and crew member attached to the car. this guy doesn't stand a chance. nineteen finished, and 15 laps to go, dennie hamlen rear ended by clint boyar. he finish 21st. as far as johnson he takes the lead with 23 to go and runs away witt. johnson a record tenth time, a
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winner at dover. he is fifth driver all time with ten or more wins with the same track. final round of the lpga classic down the shore, isn't that shanon elizabeth from the american pie movies? hollywood ending for an a she takes the lead, and then on 17, the birdie, of course, hangs on for her fifth career win. just a little shower. her first ever down the shore. collegiate rugby champion ship in chester kutztown playing cal in the title game for second straight year tied at 12 when cal jake anderson, breaks free. the walk off winner, kutztown loses the championship game for the second straight year to cal 17-two is the final. finally abraham lincoln's hat has nothing on this. rally cap by iowa baseball player. he stacked 15 hats on his head during a playoff game begins oregon. call it ridiculous but i say genius. it works.
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way beats oregon in the 11th inning hats off to the man with the best rally cap, we have ever seen, i had a hard enough time getting one on. >> no one thought it was weird either. >> no, they are all on board. >> he took everyone's hat. they were in on it. >> thanks, jeff. nine two-year old woman became oldest to compete in the marathon. harriet thompson finished rock and roll marathon in san diego in seven hours, 24 minutes 362nd to be exact. native of the charlotte, north carolina was asked before the race how she does it. >> i put 1 foot down and then another one. actually, i don't know. >> wow. >> she says she was inspired to run for her son who just started chemotherapy treatments. she said she prayed for him while she was running. >> she is something else. >> definitely. >> much more to come in the next half an hour, we will be right back.
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sunday night here is what is happening on "action news" at is 11:30. a crane comes down in the streets of the manhattan bringing glass debris and office chairs along. amazingly in one was kill. disgraced former house speaker dennis hastert takes another hit as he prepares to
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take a judge. woman who drops a computer off at a calorie cycling center will be getting a big paycheck, only problem nobody knows who she is. first family and friend are america loss of beau biden, eldest son of the vice-president, joe biden passed away yesterday losing his battle against brain cancer. >> biden died at walter reid medical center surrounded by his parents wife, children and siblings a cross delaware flags are flying at half staff, a touching theme throughout the state especially here at the headquarters of the delaware national guard where the the passing of the iraq war vet has added emotion. >> biden fallly church, st. joseph's by the brandywine parishioners prayed. in the close community, many knew biden since he was a child. patrick leonard was praying golf with biden's father-in-law on friday. >> it was the fifth hole, and he gets this phone call. he said he was told to get the grandchildren and go to washington.
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i mean you knew it wasn't good. >> considered a rising political star when biden left office in january he made it known he hoped to run for governor. but his brain cancer return, putting an end to his political career and claiming his life. beau biden leaves behind his wife haley and two children hunter and natalie. you can read more about beau biden on six you can find reaction from those who knew him best as well as photos of his life and career. the it is all will there right now on six former speaker of the house dennis hastert is expect to be rained this week in chicago but exact date has in the been set by the judge. meanwhile a college in suburban chicago has removed his name from the academic research center. wheaton college announced on sunday that what had been known as j dennis hastert center for economics government and public policy is now just named after the school. hastert is accused of violating banking laws by agreeing to pay more than
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three million-dollar in hush machine toy keep someone in the know quite about past sexual misconduct. the sources say that person is one of hastert's former students back when he was a high school teacher. a bright sunny weekend turn into a near disaster in new york city. a crane which was placing a massive air conditioning on a building snapped. sending the equipment crashing the to the ground. abc's lindsey janice has more now. >> reporter: smoke and destruction in the streets of new york, after a crane dropped a massive piece of equipment on to a building in midtown manhattan. >> debris in the street. >> reporter: impact sending objects large and small raining down over several blocks. smoke, clouding the air and 30 stories up, a opening in the top of the building. >> big piece of equipment scraped front of the building. some of that material, the glass, fiberglass, height weight metal is what you see in the street. >> reporter: within minutes police and fire crew is a arriving on the scene shutting down madison avenue.
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>> thank god that this incident occurred at a hour of the day on a weekend when there were not too many people around. >> reporter: mayor deblasio confirming injuries, including two construction workers and several drivers hit by debris and the investigators say it appears that the crane was lifting a piece of equipment when it fell off. new york has a history of deadly crane accidents. in early 2008 a crane came crashing down flattening a town house and killing seven people. then just two months later another deadly collapse on the up are east side. cranes are a fact of life in a city as vertical as new york but this latest accident not encouraging to the people live work and walk below. >> it is concerning because i walk this little dog all the time and we always get concerns if something falls from the sky especially equipment. >> reporter: building department has confirmed all permits were in place and the crane had has had in complaints on file. now the the focus shifts to
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what went wrong. lindsey janice for abc news, new york. ever feel stuck in the ruth. darren smith of west philadelphia sure knows that feeling. at 1:30 thinks cadillac escalate started to sink in the street in the 3100 block of north hoe bat bart street. >> i got home and the truck just fell in. i necessity it is just crazy. the kid, come down the block all the time. anybody could have been like that at the time. this could have been worse then what it was. >> smith says this situation may not be over just yet because water is flowing inside of the sink hole raising the concern that a cracked water main could to be blame. police in philadelphia and water department arrived this have afternoon to look into that situation. two fire fighters were hurt battling a fire at a lumber yard in pleasantville new jersey. it happened at 4:30 this afternoon at the peter lumber company on washington avenue. fire fighters arrived to find heavy smoke billowing from the building. one fire fighter fell on the ladder and hurt his back.
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the other injured his knee. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. a faith based act wrist group gathered to remember a man who was shot and killed while walking his dog. heeding god's call held a vigil for james stohlman, the group walk to the side where stohlman was murdered on wood crest avenue in overbrook back on march 12th. three teenagers are facing charges for deadly shooting, the the group prayed for stohlman and all gun murder victims. it was a very special graduation ceremony at swarthmore college today there a young man received his diploma after overcoming daunting obstacle is a long his pass of success. heyden, graduated with honors with a degree in environmental engineering. heydennis legally blind and gets around with his help from his guide dog fathom. heyden says some challenges may be different from those with the fellow students but having a supportive community sure helps. >> coming in as a swarthmore
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student, i had to learn to manage my time effectively and use resources around me in the best way possible. that is a challenge every student faced it just that sometimes i had to use it slightly different ways. >> heydennis now heading to great britain for the prestigious marshall scholarship to get his master's degree. >> for him. still to come tonight she thought this was trash but it turns out it was treasure when former owner of this computer has a hundred thousand dollars coming her way in she's ever found. plus it is called a if the graph of an event that only happened a few times a year in the big apple. it is warm, humid tonight we are tracking those showers and storms to the north and west, they are getting closer and closer to philadelphia and looks to turn unsettled for the start of the workweek monday, we will have details with the accu weather forecast.
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city is pulling out two weeks of spectacular light shows in sidney, australia including this projection art on the iconic, sidney opera house. it is part of the sidney 2015 show. the light shows artist installations and interactive exhibitions will go through june 8th. new yorkers were busy getting these photos these weekend right down center of manhattan street. the it is a little hazy but still able to capture the even if men on dubbed manhattan henge after england's stone henge. there are four days a year when sunsets right down middle of the east/west streets
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creating those incredible images. time for a check of the forecast meteorologist melissa magee and rough patches here and there. >> as we go throughout the overnight hours have your wet weather gear with you tomorrow, guys because showers and storms once again a risk for everyone by monday, monday afternoon. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you that for philadelphia we are getting closer, to the the action but a lot of the activity tonight still north and west we will go in tighter, on storm tracker six live double scan street level and some showers and storms from allentown. now we will work our way down in quakertown, green lane, land down down to norristown on west ward into pottstown and reading. this activity will continue, to refire as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours, and into the daze on monday. so we have a flash flood warning to tell you about. this is mainly for berks lehigh counties until 12:15 in the morning. the these locations have already seen in excess of 2 inches of rain, so
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widespread flooding a concern for this because we have then are storms training or moving over the same location and really in the moving to the south and east. slatington kutztown, and west ward included in that flash flood warning. we will talk about what we did do. we did whether you like it or not, we hit 92 in philadelphia the first time we have climbed above 90 degrees. with summer getting closer to us don't be priced we have more 90's knocking on the door. with the rain cooled air moving in north and west of town temperatures are cooling down in the 50's and 60's. fifty-eight in the poconos. sixty-seven reading. seventy-four though in lancaster. still mild in philadelphia, 77. and 72 degrees to the south and million will. here's satellite six with action radar. we are tracking this warm front that is still draped to our north and west. as we go throughout the day tomorrow is there a cold front that will continue to work its way eastwar. once that arrives we will have more showers and storms, looking more numerous for
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philadelphia in areas to the south and east. so storm prediction center had has placed our region in a low probability, for finding some severe weather. so it is, included in that, in philadelphia, is included in that for areas to the south and west. biggest threat tomorrow will be damaging wind and possibility of hail. future tracker six has you covered during the overnight hours. we are still track ago this moisture moving in from the west/east direction. it is still warm and humid. i wouldn't be surprised at 6:00 in the morning to have a pop up shower but best dynamics will be by the afternoon and into the evening hours tomorrow, once the arrival of the cold front comes on n so 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon we have, the activity, same thing at 7:00 o'clock. localized flooding by tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours will be a big concern as we get a lot of rain in the short amount of time. strong thunderstorms on the the way for rest of tonight mainly north and west, more active tomorrow downpours localized flooding and gusty wind will be areas of concern.
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accu weather forecast showing you tomorrow rain with thunderstorm, a high of 81. the tuesday early rain and then some clearing high of 74 degrees. wednesday, less humid a high up to 74. seventy-five on thursday. we will start to warm up as we get into friday and start of the next week even. unsettled tomorrow and for first half of tuesday guys. >> all right thanks, medical list. ten two-year two -- owe ten two-year old, brewers fan was able to show off her skills. it was a slider or, curve ball but crowd was impressed and that is why gladys was given a hugovation. we have a story to make you think twice were junking that old computer sitting around in the garage or basement. you never necessity it might be worth a small fortune. >> one woman had no idea value of her old apple computer and that is where this story begins. abc knees's adidi roy has more. >> reporter: tonight a mystery
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surrounding a valuable collectible, dumped in this northern calorie cycling center. the center looking for a woman who dropped off an old computer here last month a first generation apple desk top, one of only 200 of its kind now worth a wind fall. the center sold the vintage apple one to a private collector for $200,000 but according to the policy the donor gets half of the money. computer's owner left without leaving her name. are you surprised that she didn't know how much this was worth. >> i think that she didn't comprehend what was inside. >> reporter: she's not the the only one. in 1989 a man bought what he thought was a painting for $4 at a flea market in pennsylvania. it turned out to be an official copy of the declaration of the independence, it later sold at auction for 2.4 million dollars. if you are wondering if you have undiscovered valuables at home a few tips from experts. it is safe to give away
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outdated tech products like cd players and radios, too used to be antiques and if you have apple products you can catch half to 75 percent of the value if under three years old and in good condition.
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boy, did this so-called rebuilding thing is painful to watch or what phillies fall flat the against rockies yet again today. they have lost seven straight games, for the first time in two years. hey kids you may want to take those bucket hats and cover your eyes, another painful phillies game to watch. phillies score only one run today. second inning, cameron rough with the rbi double to deep right. phillies get to within one.
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that is it. colorado meanwhile has a pair of mile high, two run home run. phillies lose four-one. they dropped seven in a row for the first time since 2013. >> just struggling, with the bats and collectively. we have been struggling the last week, and on the the pitching side of it, giving up some home runs, throughout the games and that is a tough mix. >> yes, it is. phillies off tomorrow for their annual als event and they are back at it tuesday against cincinnati. all right. eagles resume off season training tomorrow. sam bradford is expected to increase his work load as he recovers from two surgeries on that left knee. in less than a year. eagles rookie receiver nelson agholor hanging with marcus mariota and many more at nfl players association event for rockies. the former u.s.c. star taking pictures for his football card. that should be a good one.
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he is signing autographs. hold on to that autograph it could be worth something. >> this is an wonderful opportunity for me to be a eagle, wear this uniform and wear it proudly. >> hopefully agholor scores a few touch town and catch some balls from bradford, mark sanchez, tim tebow and many more at practice tomorrow. jimmy johnson says it was love at first sight when he first laid eyes on the monster mile in dover delaware. guess what she loved you back. johnson has won more races at dover than anyone in nascar history. johnson takes the lead, 23 laps to go in the dover 400 today. he doesn't look back. johnson has won three of the last four races down there and extend his dover record to ten wins, just helping johnson catch dale earnhardt's overall win total. johnson is just two shy of earnhardt. >> i'm almost in shock that we're there. seventy-four race wins, ten here. you just can't dream that big.
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i'm blown away and honored by the success what we have done with our opportunity and honor to have a shot of history with dale and ten wins here. >> johnson and other nascar drivers now head up turnpike to the poconos where they will be next weekend. guys new back to you. >> he drives fast. >> yes, thanks jeff. fyi philly is next, "action news" continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 with matt o'donnell tamala edward, david murphy and karen rodgers. >> for walter perez jeff skversky melissa had magee and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night. >> good night. >> ♪♪
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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb >> i'm melissa magee. >> and i'm karen rogers. saturday/tonight on fyi philly. >> it's our annual down the shore special. >> we'll take you on a winery tour. >> check out the hottest summer shades. >> tell you how to spin your wheels for a good cause. >> plus, we get you fashion ready for the beach, boardwalk and beyond. >> and of course, there will be ice cream. >> hi, everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at crepes and shakes on the promenade in sea isle city. >> it's a place where you can sit and enjoy homemade crepes, ice cream and gourmet coffee with just a gorgeous view of the beach and ocean. >> and it's just one of the many things you can do here down the shore. >> so let's take a little shore tour and see some of the other options. >> long beach island is 18 miles with 6 towns ready for summer.


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